Download Discord Nitro Mod Apk – Are you a gamer? If a gamer must be familiar with voice chat, yes, voice chat is used when a gamer plays the game together so that communication in the game is easier to arrange strategies when playing even though you do not face to face. Usually, voice chat features are provided in the game, such as the freefire game, mobile legend, pubg mobile, and many more, all of which provide voice chat features for users; the goal is to make communication easier between players.

But there is a little problem when we activate the voice chat feature; for some phones that have low-end specs, they will experience lag until the game crashes so that gamers or players rarely start the voice chat, as well as the sound produced directly in the game the sound is not clear. Instead of that, an application is needed to replace the function of the voice chat feature in the game, surely you have heard or have already used it, yes, namely the Android and PC application called Discord.

Download Discord Nitro Mod Apk
Download Discord Nitro Mod Apk

What is Discord FF?

Discord is an android or windows based application for pc that functions as a connection using voice media; this application is usually used by game players to communicate between team members. This app is extremely famous with gamers because it is very easy to use and produces a clear voice, compared to the voice chat feature in the game.

What makes this application very popular is that several factors, one of which is the large community, plus all YouTubers suggest that viewers use this Discord application; an example of the YouTubers who use discord is Leokoche, one of the gaming YouTubers who play mobile legends. He always uses Discord when playing with other YouTubers; what are the advantages of this application to be very popular?

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Pros of Discord Application

Android Version Available

In addition to the Windows version, it turns out that this application can also be used on an Android cellphone, making you able to connect with many friends easily; you can get the Android-based Discord application and download it in Play Store if you are an Android user plus for ios, you can get it on the apple app store, the size of the discord application is also relatively small. It can be used without having to be afraid of reducing cellphone performance.

Account With Extra Security

Apart from being an exciting feature factor, even then, it will not be enough to be a good application; a good application must have good security too; for example, this discord with a system in an application that will encrypt its user accounts, also discord will secure messages via the cloud-based on IP computer or cell phone.

Voice Chat Without Having To Be Afraid The Game Will Lag Or Crash

What we have explained earlier, this discord will not interfere in the game because this application has a system that can run the application in the application, so that gamers when playing games and using this discord will not interfere; it is different from the voice chat feature of the live game feature, can make the game will feel heavy and will eventually crash.

Has a large community and an informative blog

One of the factors for this application’s popularity is the large community, so this application can be promoted well. Youtubers are also involved in this discord community, very much; maybe all gaming YouTubers use Discord to activate voice chat, even in communities and blogs that are owned by discord. You can obtain tips, including tricks for playing games.

Multiple Active Accounts

Finally, many active accounts reach more than 10 million users, making this application very popular; maybe you are one of them here who are already using this application.

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Discord Application Features

For those of you who want to use this Discord application, you should know what discord features are in the application; its features include:

Voice Chat – This application functions to connect users with voice messages, which can be connected between other users

Chat Server – This application provides a server that other users can use to connect to you.

Create Server – You can create your own server and share it with your friends easily.

Discord Link – Usually, YouTubers who want their viewers to be connected to it include a Discord link, and the link will connect to the specified server, so you can find it easier.

Sharing Server via Link – As above, this link can be shared on various social media such as Facebook or YouTube.

Invite a Friend – You can invite your friends to be able to communicate verbally.


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